Monday, January 31, 2011


Okay, i'm not in the best mood to blog.
Thanks to someone who has been pestering and bothering me.

I'm so angry.....
i'm trying to cool down...
chill chill...

i'll probably blog again tmr.

i'm sorry for the lack of update today.

just too ANGRY to do it.

such things always happen when people take you for granted.
Thank you very much.

Friday, January 28, 2011

M.I.A ???

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!
yeah, my apologies for being M.I.A. for 2 days?
nono i haven forgotten to blog or
neither have i decided to forgo the blog.

I was just away from work for the past 2 days.
Was at Tanglin Shopping Centre for Training.
SNEF to be exact.
Training. yeap.

and being at one of Sg's more happening location...

ahaha. Yeah. i've been having this unstoppable want
for Starbucks when i see one around.
and so for 2 days... i got starbucks! <3

I was also... 'rounding' around Ion for 2 days.
after training... YET,
i can't get ANYTHING. :(
well too bad.
hopefully last min CNY shopping is good this weekend!!!!!

Happy Weekend folks!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Haven't Seen the Last of Me

I know i know i've just talked about this song in my last post.
but the more i listen to it,
the more my ears are glued to it.

the lyrics are so inspirational
and Cher's vocals jus brought the song up to another level.
beyond awesome.

Hence, i'm sharing it here.
How not to share something this wonderful?

You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me - Cher

Feeling broken
Barely holding on
But there's just something so strong
Somewhere inside me
And I am down but I'll get up again
Don't count me out just yet

I've been brought down to my knees
And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
But I can take it
I'll be back
Back on my feet
This is far from over
You haven't seen the last of me
You haven't seen the last of me

They can say that
I won't stay around
But I'm gonna stand my ground
You're not gonna stop me
You don't know me
You don't know who I am
Don't count me out so fast

I've been brought down to my knees
And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
But I can take it
I'll be back
Back on my feet
This is far from over
You haven't seen the last of me

There will be no fade out
This is not the end
I'm down now
But i'll be standing tall again
Times are hard but
I was built tough
I'm gonna show you all what I'm made of

I've been brought down to my knees
And I've been pushed way past the point of breaking
But I can take it
I'll be back
Back on my feet
This is far from over
I am far from over
You haven't seen the last of me

No no
I'm not going nowhere
I'm staying right here
Oh no
You won't see me begging
I'm not taking my bow
Can't stop me
It's not the end
You haven't seen the last of me
Oh no
You haven't seen the last of me
You haven't seen the last of me

*standing ovation*

This song jus makes you feel like...
it's not the end of the world.
it's not the time to give up yet
and we're all strong inside...


Moving on, i've finally receive a package i was waiting for...
but wat amused me... was who the 'letter' was attentioned to.
it's not your usual Ms XXX.
i almost couldn't recognise it was for me.
LOL. Thankfully i didn't fed it to the dustbin!

This is what i've got:


Leng Leng.

one sure thing, this is from Pam Pam!
lol. thank goodness, it wasn't send to:

Leng Leng (Lemon)

and somehow, looking at the cancellation,
i reckon that Pam Pam had accidentally written her own address
especially for the postal code...
Pam Pam please verify? hehehehe.

and what's inside?



personalised name stickers.
next time, no need to 'sign' off.

Thank you Pam Pam!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


It's monday again.
New start to the week.
i'm mermersized.

By what?

After weeks and days of bugging (at baby)...


i caught Burlesque!


i super heart the movie.
i do have to agree the plot was predictable
but the choreography and stage effects etc,
is nothing but fantastically AWESOME.

and i'm in love with the songs.

'You Haven't Seen The Last of Me' performed by Cher was really awesome.
even baby gave thumbs up. in the midst of the song during the movie.

Heart thumping 'Express' and 'Show Me How You Burlesque'
kinda make me feel like moving too. <3 totally.

'Welcome To Burlesque' too is well like by me!

hmm hmm.. all in all, many of the tracks done were awesome!

sidetrack a lil'... guess what,
we met sexy vampy Yoa and Hugo at J8 shopping.
and yes, they were catching Burlesque at 9.20pm too.

so... when we went into the cinema....

YES, they were sitting at our seats!
so in fact, we're sitting at the same row!
4 of us sitting side by side.

What a coincidence isn't it?

haha. Cuban <3

back to the movie,
there's this cute guy who was mistaken as gay with all the thick eyeliners.



I thought he looked a lil' like JT (Justin Timberlake)
but he's cuter. gosh. hahaha

don't ya say Burlesque is only eye candy for men.
he's the one for ladies' eyes to feast on.

somehow or rather, Burlesque, jus reminded me of one of my all time favourite...



Do you still remember the show?
the hit song, 'Come What May' is still one of the popular love ballards till date.
speaking of which, i haven bought the DVD for my personal collection yet!!!

needless to say... i have new addition to my wish list now...

1) Moulin Rouge DVD
2) Burlesque DVD & OST (have alrdy gotten Moulin Rouge's OST)
3) This Is It DVD (hell ya, i miss MJ).

anyone gonna grant me my wishes?

Friday, January 21, 2011

Short and Simple.

As the above, i'm just gonna say...

i'll be away on training this afternoon.
So won't be able to blog later.
Hence, a quick one for now.


Going to DJ BIG's Wedding later.

Congrats Bro! You have a lovely wife there!
May you be in lifetime blissfulness and happiness.

and to all my friends and fellow readers:


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Welsh Pembroke Corgi

i've been surfing the doggie forum lately.
the idea of getting myself a corgi has never left my mind before.
except for once where i almost gave up the idea of keeping a dog.
cos i was a lil' tired of cleaning up everyday.
haha. ya. one does get lazy/tired at times...


and we're talking about double amount of shyt i have to clean
cause i have 2 doggies!
i know there are many of you out there who has more than 2 dogs.
but... this is me.
my dogs seem happy with me and i'm okay.
and i'm happy with them already.
so future plans, 1 dog is more than enough.

and baby and i already very much confirmed that we want a corgi.

Welsh Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh?

Welsh has very short tail while Cardigan has long tail i supposed.
and after browsing, i probably would love to have a ....

Welsh Pembroke!

Came across this pic in the dogsforum:



credits to DFS!

Also i came across this article with the below info that made me giggle throught:

Special Corgi Traits

There are ten other items that make us special as a breed.

1. Border Collies are famous for "THE EYE", a non-stop stare that can stop a sheep in its tracks. The Golden Retriever is renowned for "THE EYE SHIFT", an eye movement that steers humans to the tennis ball. The PWC's ability exceeds both. The Corgi specializes in BRAIN BORING. Brain boring is the ability to stare at a human and suck key information out of their mind. Corgis use this skill daily to gather information about meals, times that they might sneak up on the kitchen table for a nap, and possible outings that are being planned.

2. Corgis are Olympic quality shedders. This is good. One Corgi will shed enough to assemble another Corgi in about a week, according to Ellen Clary. There are never too many Corgis.

3. Corgis are able to stretch out on the floor or bed with their legs straight back. This allows them to pose as a flying squirrel and beg for nuts.

4. Recent research substantiates what Corgi owners have always known. That is, Corgis are able to hear a crumb hit the floor at an average of 135 feet. One Corgi owner tells a story of her Corgis, who were sleeping soundly upstairs, waking at the smallest sound of a cookie tin being opened. This is not unusual. I once heard a grain of rice hit the tile in the kitchen while I was disciplining the neighbor from the back corner of my yard.

5. The Corgi specializes in an activity called turbo FRAP, which stands for Frantic Random Acts of Play. Rachel Harris says this game involves running at top speed around the yard or furniture generally in a figure eight, wearing a huge grin and appearing temporarily possessed. The reality is that we are running for two reasons. The first is to take our mind off the fact that we are starving. The second is to impress on our owners how many calories we are burning which certainly calls for a larger ration.

6. In addition to their running ability, Corgis quickly master a quick stop on linoleum or tile in order to slide a maximum distance. Two friends recently went head to head in a "slide off." In a best-out-of-three slide format, Peanut won with a spectacular distance of eight feet and three inches.

7. The Corgi who lives with larger dogs seems to display an interest in dentistry. Deb Eldredge writes, "We had to remove Flash from Bubba's throat on more than one occasion." This activity is actually based on a small hope that a bit of food will be found lodged in the larger dog's teeth.

8. Corgis not only collect stuffed animals, they also kill and disembowel them. Corgi owners must either replace them frequently or re-stuff and stitch. Corgis enjoy the ritual of a stuffed animal surgery.

9. While other dogs are learning to ignore food distractions during training, the Corgi is able to pick up treats without breaking stride. This practical skill earns talented dogs the title of Hoover Dog (HD).

10. Despite their short stature, the Corgi is very athletic. They will consider herding, tracking, freestyle, and agility on a "will-work-for-food basis." In agility, the often speedy Corgi has become famous for its ability to top off a great run by knocking down a single bar. The Corgi believes this to be a very amusing dog joke. Agility Corgis bet among themselves to see who can run entire courses cleanly and then, just when their handler's hopes are soaring, knock down the last bar.

For read the full article, click here

after reading the above... i'm pretty very much sure that...

I WANT A CORGI! (in the future) :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fighting the ZZZZ Monster

Something is not right somewhere
with me.

i've been extremely sleepy nowadays.
i have no idea why.
my eye lids just get so heavy
that if i close my eyes for more than 10 secs,
i'll feel like sleeping.

it's like i have to force myself to open my eyes after that.

and i've been having this issue for the past few days.
i literally JUMP up from bed with my eyes wide open
once i hear the alarm at 7am.
gosh. i can still remember how my eyes open.

i'm suspecting that as one of the reason why i feel so tired easily.

I was out to meet Kenny and Potty for dinner at P.S. on Monday after work.
yeah, to my horror
i jus slpt in the train.
i was playing bejeweled...
after 2 rounds, my eyes... just... closed.
i woke up a few stations after that, and went back to slp again.
i woke up again one stop before DG.
and nap again!!!!

i finally awoke when the train stopped at DG.

See how tired i am?
No idea why.

this morning, i was doozing off again.

gosh. thank goodness i found my saviour:


Goofy Sweets!

i took about 10 pcs and took one each at about a 20 10 - 20 mins interval and managed to survive :)


and of course, Thank you Norima for buying them in the first place.
i'm really appreciating them alot now!
my weapon to fight the ZZZZZ monster (period). :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Knowledge!

my good buddy suddenly asked me something:

Lince says: eh
ask u
the animal that is blind
den dig soil one
is wat liao
black colour one

i paused. and think. and thinked hard.
and i realised, i didn't know such a thing existed.
omg. for a moment, i felt so ignorant.
i felt like a sua ku.

fine... i went to google immediately.
i search for 'blind animal that digs soil'/'animal that digs soil'

and guess what? i found the answer!!!

it's a...



Aiyo! this one so cute lar!!!!

Wiki has a cute pic of it too...

there was also another suggestion.
call the molerat.

imma not gonna post the pic here.

cause i told my good buddy:

Me: molerat is disgusting max pls

Lince says: OMFG

you can try the above link for the picture.
but be warned. it's not really a beautiful sight.

Good to learn new things always.
Thank you Buddy! :)

Btw, he's still available for grabs!!! lolol

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend in a Flash.

my gosh. the past weekend really jus went by in a flash.
although, nothing much seems to have happened,
i have no idea why i feel so busy
and so tired.
perhaps, haven gotten enough sleep.

i really need a weekend to sleep well.
i reckon that... saturday mornings are best to do so
cause research studies have shown that...
people sleep better when they sleep alone.
which i can't help but have to agree.

maybe it's the bed?
i have no idea. i feel more serene when i sleep on saturday mornings
after sending baby out for work
although somewhere somehow in my mental block
i felt bad that i am sleeping but he's still working.
but logically speaking,
it should be 101% fine for me to sleep!!!
cause, it's his lousy job's fault!

anyway, i spent my past saturday doing laundry.
and updating my phone.
i haven been touching my lappy since dunno when
and that's where my phone is not going through updates as well.
i think my lappy's gonna crash soon.
i'm seeing symptopms of crash.
like black screen, DOS mode start up.
which reminds me that...


i'd lost once my lots of photos when my old acer crashed
about 3 years back.
and now... history should not repeat itself.
especially now when i have alrdy gotten myself a hard disk.
shame on me!

hit the usual club - St James Boiler Room
in the evening with brother and baby.
so... saturday is concluded.


Had buffet lunch appointment at Kiseki with
GF, Lai (the handsome), Papple, Ivan, Plicky, Ela and baby.
we ate, and we had laughter
and we ate somemore.
and until we're all too full.

then no plans after that for them.
wanted to catch Burlesque but... can't due to other commitments.

baby suggested that we bring the doggies out since they are now cleanly shaved.
but before we head out...
someone decided to cam-whore himself in my lovely shades...opps.


Pic 1 is his self pic.
kinda fail with the blur-ness.

Pic 2 is taken by yours truely.
i reckon i have more stable hands? LOL

anyway, yeah... we decided to bring them out
cause it's so much more easier washing up
and he like the idea of letting them run on their own.
so... we managed to squeeze a fair bit of time out for them.

it's first time going out for the doggies with baby in his lorry...
fluffy was all too engross in resting on the cushion while boy was jus enjoying the scenary?


i heart how the way he look.
so passionately deep into thoughts.
so emo looking too. haha.
what a handsome boy.

we headed home after a trip to the pet farm and some large muddy grass area in sengkang.

got home again to wash the doggies up
and ourselves freshen up.
and we head out again for another makan.

Soup Restaurant at Paragon.
Omg. this time round. it's way more filling than the lunch buffet!
6 pax with the following courses of dishes:

1) individual soup each
2) Olive Rice
3) Samsui Chicken
4) Tapioca Leaves
5) Baby Kai Lan
6) Steam Sliced Fish
7) Stir Fried Venison
8) Broccoli and Mushroom
9) Some Tofu
10)one LARGE plate of fried mee sua.

GOSH. look at the above listed?!
SO MUCH FOOD FOR JUS 5 ladies and a guy?
it's a horrible giant serving.
i was damn bloated till i think i suffered from bad indigestion.

we head to Prive at Keppel for chillax thereafter.
and there goes my sunday!!!!

i'm feeling so sleepy right now.

Gonna meet up with Kenny and Potty later for dinner.
Supposed to have Mojo along. but she's unwell.


Random note:

Brought one of my x'mas pressie to work today.
and managed to fixed it up!!!












Friday, January 14, 2011


I received a complain this morning from someone.
someone fairly important.
who has been appearing in my life every other day.
and someone i probably will see once a week?

The complain was about my blog.
too random.
a minute, i was talking about scrump
then next min, i was jumping to xmas pressie.
then to him.


i guess you know who the someone is now.

anyway, hello mr lince!
the scrump is related to the xmas pressie wat!
can't u see the link?
i even narrated the whole linkage out
on how kor kor can get the idea of getting the srump pillow for me what?
cannot understand?
go drink more beer and eat more crab.
then you probably will. haha.

let's get back on to the complain.

i can't do the print screen i guess he'll kill me somehow.
but anyway, this is what he said to me (copied word for word):

Lince says: totally random
Weili says: okay lor okay lor later i post about u
Lince says: must write essay wat
like yandao
nice guy


"Advertorial" time!

So... right now *drum roll please*
may i present to you one of the most eligible bachelor in my patheic friend list...

Mr. Lince!!!

*pops confetti*



How's that Mr Lince?

I hope you feel proud to have a buddy like me. *ahem*

For a matter of fact, this buddy of mine.
is. seriously a nice guy luh.

he's tall (cos he's taller than me!)
he's fair (cos he'll melt under the sun!)
he has 6 pecs (building to 8!)
he's rich! (buys burberry t-shirt to wear jus bcos he's emo-ing!)

okay! serious. he's fun to be with.
He's a nice guy overall can?
So... what are you waiting for?

For bookings please leave a msg in the chatbox!

Thank you!!!

*End of Advertorial*

P.S: fyi, i'm not paid to do this. i'm doing it cos he's my buddy!!!!!!!! <3

Okay. tat's all for the advert.
imma gonna continue with my own blog entry now.
nothing much.
just about yesterday.

met up with papple and prach after work at vivocity.
papple wanna shop and since she needs companion.
why not?

we met up but she kinda only bought 1 top from Forever 21.
we proceed on for dinner at Kim Gary thereafter.
(i was there for the dinner you see *wink*)

of course, i had my favourite Borsch soup <3333
and i was repeatedly 'asked' to go Boiler after dinner with them.

went ahead while waiting for baby to fetch me home.
but some slight changes.
baby had not yet taken his dinner then so i suggested for him to come straight down
and have dinner at wine bar instead. <3

so... here's dinner.


Main Course: Spaghetti Aglio Olio with watever and bacon bits.
Verdict: Not too bad. Bacon tasted abit like Bak Kwa though?

Small Bites: Spanish Meatballs (again)
Verdict: DOPE!

and then there was dessert:


Lava cake.
Verdict: Presentation = nice. Taste = okay. Uncle Tony serves better Lava cake.

Lava cake from Uncle Tony.

i'm sorry!!!!!!!

and we spent about $50+ on bill with a less $10 voucher.
but i still wanna go back!
I have not tried the steak YET!

and i'm having like eternal pasta cravings. :(
Uncle Tony. i miss you!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I was thinking about what should I be blogging about today.

I have a mindful of thoughts.
too many that i was kinda lost and disorganised.
it also came to me that ...

i haven been having pictures for my past 2 blog post!
then it strucked me...

I have pictures!
took on saturday nite!
yes, i have!

My godma, aka Justin kor kor's mom
bought me a christmas pressie this year!
i have no idea why the sudden 'surprise'
but i strongly believe that it must be kor kor's doing.

cause we sat together during Christine's wedding
and we talked about our collection of 'toys'
he has his own collection of beanie soft toys.
and of cos, as a proud scrump owner,
i showed him mine too!

and that's probably where my x'mas pressie derieved from.
it probably struck them while they were shopping
and they came across it.
but anyways, it's really so sweet and nice of godma and kor kor!


I like the paper bag! the taka teddy bear bag. so cute lor.
I guess you'ld probably manage to guess what is the pressie.
Yes it's scrump related.
and i've been seeing a few times a few different places.
but did not want to buy due to...
space constraint and it's too comfy to be place as display...

it's a ...



Awwww.. so cute.

Thank you Godma and Kor Kor once again!
and i manage to play with macho for the first time.
gosh. Macho is so so so cute!!!
but didn't take picture.
btw, macho is kor kor's new baby schnauzer. hehe.
real cute. <3

Yeap yeap that's my latest addition to my scrump collection and christmas pressie!!

On another note,i have been contemplating about doing something to my hair.
have got some idea but haven really pluck up the courange to do so.
was given a chance to just do it last saturday.
but due to some last min plans,
the idea was forsaken.

and my dear dear buddy aka lai, went ahead without me!!!

see this handsome friend of mine:


seriously, i find it nice. hehe.
handsome friend! up for grabs?!
anyone? =x

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

today. is. a. sad. day.


In fact, it should be since last week.


Remember my fishes?

i bought 5 guppies and i have 1 missing guppy?

2 days later, 2 guppies died.
the following day, the other 2 died too.

so all my 5 guppies gone.

there's 1 missing and 4 dead.

i believe the missing one is dead too.

but i still can't buy the fact that the missing one is eaten by boy!!!

and since the rest of the guppies died.

one of our goldfish...
particularly, baby's (the white one)... acted sickly.
i think it got the virus from the dead guppies?

it has been pulling for survival i think for the past week?
floating above... slowly.
i saw my goldfish (the orange one),
going after it, pushing it to swim...
it feels like it's asking the sick to move on
and perservere.
but... this morning...

when i woke up...
to my sad horror.

i saw the white gold fish lying on top of the blue 'flower' deco.
i felt a tinge of sadness filling from within.
i looked at my orange gold fish...

it looked sad.
it's first initial partner has gone. :(

recalling back...
how they pulled through to our home.
i feel so sad.
how we pick and caught the fishes from Qian Hu.
how happy i felt watching the fishes on our way home.
how we set up the fish tank.
how i first fed them.
how they reacted.
how the new red lil' fish were added.
till the guppies.

now it's gone...

i feel so sad and sorry for the orange goldfish.
i don't know why.
but i'm so sorry fishy.
i feel sorry.
please survive. Please?

we'll scout for another partner for you.
please stay strong! <3

Friday, January 07, 2011


Yes it's Friday!
like finally.

Gosh. What a tiring week?

How time fly by?

Chinese New Year is coming soon.

Have you gotten your new year clothes?
(the most common/hot question now).

For me, I have not!
I have no time!!!! seriously like no time.

Feb is coming in 3 weeks time and i've no time to think about CNY.

Cause, i've been more focused on my other activities in feb!

haha. yes, i kinda have lots of stuff going on.
Actually, minus CNY, there's only 3.
but if u count in CNY, then 4 lor.
i'm not really that particular about CNY cept for the fact that this year,
kinda die die have to do visiting.
to his place luh.
and how time flies?

i still remember last yr's cny...
which was filled with sweetness. hmmmm
yeah. we met around that period.
speaking of which, i'm going 1 yr old soon in my coy.
and that will also mark a date where we first got 'contact'.


What's actually going on in feb?

1stly, we're going to have CNY!!!!!
yay?! quite a number of fond memories now...

i remembered, i joined this coy before CNY.
then i got to know him...
then... i went for coy CNY dinner and won 1st prize!!!!
then... he bought roses from me for me and became my first business for the sale.
then... we met up for dinner and movie...
then on the 6th nite of CNY, we met up again.
and 7th day of CNY... he met my gals. and the rest is history?

huhuhuhuh. such a memorable CNY for me last year.
so this year's CNY... does gives me this super sweet feeling.

alrite! enough of that.

2ndly, we're going to PHUKET!!!
on the 7th night of CNY! omg. wat a lovely coincidence?!
i swear i just got to know this 30 secs ago while checking the calendar!!!
our 2nd trip together. but his first on plane.
and our first phuket together and individually.
Feeling <3 again. gosh.

3rdly, it's VALENTINE'S DAY!!!
like on the first point, V day, rose sale, he got me 2 stalks.
so... this year's vday gonna be so sweet memorable again?
i have no idea. he's going back to work on 14 itself. (HOW SUCKY?!!)
and will work late! (EVEN SUCKIER!)
but i guess we can do it over the weekend.. (awwww..)
13th. <3
alrdy planning on what to get for him.
our 1st vday together.
last vday, we were NOT together yet.. but mutual agreement that there were...


last but not the least, 4thly, we're gonna celebrate our 1st anniversary together!!!

and with super compliments from JOS, we are going to RWS!
still planning in progress.
but pretty much the idea there.
a one night stay and a one full day at USS.
our first USS trip together and individually too.
looking forward!!!

see... i told you my feb is going to be super exciting with activities
one after the other.

and hence, i hereby conclude that...


mwahahaha.. what were you expecting? =x

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Good Evening!

I'm so sorry for being late again.
but better late than never right?

Yes, i'm busy again.
Was out of office the whole morning.
so half a day was gone due to a Business Launch Event by the coy.
travelled to Tamp Regional Library for the BLE
and hence, lunched over Tamp region as well.

and yes, lunch was my favourite...


and it is till now then i realised that they have super affordable lunch prices!


and of course they come in set meals too!
definitely with drinks and soup.

Awww... my favourite Borsch Soup. <3

My apologies, i didn't take picture of what i ate.
was with my boss and many other colleagues.
not appropriate to behave like that!! haha.

and i have 2 good news for myself.
these good news came from:


let's start with the easy one first...

Self explanatory i guess:


Yay. i feel recognised for effort!! Thank you boss!

and the next one... it's gonna make me tear my hair abit but
it's all for the better too...



it's like so finally that i got it.
but i'm now officially tagged with 'project' to work on.
good for me. keep it up!

P.S: notice i covered both letters... some information are not supposed to be shown.
hence, i do apologise for that! Other than that, all is good to be shared i guess? :)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

gosh. i only have time now...

i was doing data entry the entire day.
imagine the amount of data i have entered?

seriously hope it's all okay.
cos halfway through, i was badly attacked.

attacked by the ZZZ monster!!!

and i swear the ZZZ monster was extremely strong today.
i had a hard time opening my eyes.
i barely had such difficulties when i'm busy with work.
but today.
i almost lost my battle.

i tried washing up in the washroom.
it didn't work. :(

thank goodness!
i found a weapon to fight Mr ZZZ.
it was a packet of Goofy Sweets.
yes, Goofy here refers to Micky Mouse and Friend's Goofy.
Bought all the way from US by a Coll.

i took at least 6 of these all mighty sour Goofy sweets.

here i am. completed 99.8% of my data entry.
left with 1 which imma shall continue tomorrow.

why the heck am i rushing so much when due date is 15?

no idea.
guess that's just me.
hahaha. well at least when i'm done with this, i can move on to do others.
no back logs. :)

That's how things should be done.
isn't it?

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Nuffnang blogging contest.

Hair Issues anyone?

Received an email from Nuffnang on a recent blogging contest
i supposed which is currently running for a hair product, Svenson.

I'm very much tempted to take part in it but have not found the motivation to do it.
gosh. am so freaking lazy.
frankly speaking, i've not heard of this brand of hair product before.
Svenson anyone?
Is it new? or maybe i'm just too ignorant or can't be bothered?
Or perhaps, it's just me: plain freaking lazy?
I have not really take notice of hair products in the supermarket.
probably due to the fact that i don't frequent these places as much either?
The latest i've heard of is the super popular Essential
which has super eye-catching colors: Pink and Orange.

Anyway, back to the contest...
The requirement sounds pretty simple.
All you need to do is to write a blog post about your everyday hair issues.
It's like... Hello?! Everyone has it! Or at least a bad hair day before!
Sounds simple isn't it?
but the tough part is... Most creative entries win!

and Prizes? Omg, freaking attractive!
1st Prize: iPad LOR. i've been seeing ppl carrying it around. it tempts me much.

not forgetting the 10 consolation prizes: 1 x customized treatment at Svenson Hair Care upon consultation.

Doesn't this sounds like you're gonna get a chance to revive your hair once again?
it's customized treatment.. means, it's treating the root of your hair issues!

Doesn't sound that bad rite?

So... i've thought about it...
and came to conclude that i have the following hair issues:

1) Hair Loss.

I have hair loss issue. Everyday i shower, i see lots of hair on the floor. when i dry my hair, i see hair strands stuck in between my fingers. As i sit in front of my fan, i spot hair strands being blown out on my bed, floor, pillow, on baby's lap, my own lap... to whereever the hair can fly, you can spot it.

But, the strange thing is that, despite my prominent hair loss (looking at the strands on the floor/bathroom/bed), the volume of hair i have is simply... huge.
cause, my hair is so thick. gosh. i don't understand why!

Okay i know it's a good thing and i should be rejoicing for the fact that i won't end up with Beijing 101 or Yun Nam anytime soon. But it seems to be that the more hair i lose, the thicker the hair grows? I don't recall having this much hair when i was young!

somebody explain to me why pls?

2) I have unmanageable hair.

Despite the different serums i've tried, i still look like i have super fizzy and messy hair. the hair ends look super dry and feels kinda rough even after applying serum. Doesn't seems to have any difference at all.

i don't have the habit of hooking my hair behind my ear. but my hair automatically curls up like i've been doing that all day long. They don't listen to me! I swear i do not have curl roots. but the hair just turn wavy on their own like an overused broom. :(

I still recall that when i did my rebonding years back, the stylists were saying that i have natural straight hair. So, i take almost 1/3 time less to rebond my hair compared to normal peeps. so... what's happening now? why are they curling at the end on their own? i really don't appreciate the 'qiao qiao' look.

everyday i look at people around me... why do their hair look so much more neater?
i do comb my hair too. Not like i don't! but how come mine has different effects? why do their hair look so much more managable like they've just walked out of the salon?

3) I have hair that takes forever to grow.

baby visit the salon monthly. some friends of mine, same gender, have frequent visits to their hairstylists too. but me? i only visit the salon like once every 3 months at least? 6 months even? the rate of growth made my hair seems like drop dead hair. it has no wow factor and it's like... just another piece of scalp with hair growing 'happily' on it.

is it due to the hair loss in point 1? they feel so thick but yet don't seem to grow in length. is gravity only working on my body on my hair, that's why i'm getting heavier but the hair doesn't grow any longer?!?

it might also be a good thing that they don't grow that fast 'cos i'm saving lots of money here. but it does gets irritating when you have hair that looks dead. it just don't seem right and especially for me, who's only... hmmm.. 25. i'm still YOUNG OKAY!

i strongly think that 25 is a beautiful age and i should not be having dead hair!!! or at least, hair that looks dead.

and finally,

4) i have hair that get tangled up on its own!

it happens all the time. and it irks me to the core. everytime, after shower, i dry my hair, i comb it nicely. but after awhile, e.g. leaving home, getting into the car.
sit and not move. run my fingers down my hair... and STUCK. damn. tangles.
Tangles. and tangles. and tangles.

i super hate it especially when i'm running my fingers down my hair in public.
it's like, so paiseh!!
imagine the folks walking behind looking straight,
seeing that scene where my fingers got stuck... and i start tugging.
I HATE IT. i hate to 'tug' my hair.
cos it's damaging to the scalp.
but what can you do when ur fingers are stuck there with once clamp of tangled hair?
leave it alone and keep walking?
look like a siao char bor aka mad woman?
gosh!!! no no. no sane woman would want that.
we're not talking about movies here. we're talking about real life!
who would want to go out looking like this?
especially in these days, where people put so much effort into looking good?
although i'm lazy but at least, i do comb my hair and try to make them look pretty!

what is wrong with my hair???

having the above 4 i guess, it's really more than enought to manage.
i need the feel good and alive hair... sighs.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Case of Missing Guppy...

In case you missed out my earlier posts...

Here's a recap...

Baby and I went to QianHu FishFarm on one sunday.
and we got so tempted by the idea of keeping fishes in fish bowls
so we decided to rear a goldfish each.
but then we had to discard the idea of fishbowl...
given that they have very good deals for fishtank combo.
fishtank plus light plus filter package at less than $30!

simple fish tank with minimal deco, jus colorful stones and one blue 'plant'.

Our beautiful goldfishes:

so few months down the road...

we added 3 small orangie/pinkish/reddish fishes...

and jus the past weekend; on 1 Jan 2011

we went to Serangoon North for a walk...

and we ended up wif 5 new guppies to the fishy tankie...
and 2 new deco 'plants'


However, on 2 Jan 2011, after i jumped up from bed
realising that my alarm didn't set off,
i went to count the fishes...

and to my horror, there were only 4 guppies left!

Let's do some math.

First stage: 2 gold fish.

2nd stage: 3 small fishes.

Summary: 5 Fishes.

Lastest stage as @ 1 Jan: 5 new guppies.

Total: 10 fishes.

early fatal 2 Jan 2011 morning: headcount; 9 fishes!

I stared at the tank... double count,
triple count. stared some more...
trying to spot for the 5th guppy.
i turned the tank, look at the decos...
recounted. and recounted again...
hoping to spot the guppy behind or in the midst of the decos...

but no. :(


I have a case of the missing guppy here.
i pushed the drawer away, hoping to see it's body (at least)?
i searched the drawer top, maybe hidden somewhere underneath something.
i resorted to pour out everything in my bag, thinking maybe it jumped abit far?
i look at the tank, look at the 'cover'
the gap is only about 30 degrees.
how far can the fish jump?

i resorted to waking baby up.
upon hearing the missing guppy, baby woke up.
we recounted too.
no. still 9 fishes.

baby finally said... guessed, the fish jump out
and the boy (the male dog) ate it.
i stared at my dog. held him close to me.
hoping to see some trace of guppy tail?
i search his bed, maybe he brought it there?

no sign of guppy.
then baby suggested to wait for him to eliminate.
maybe we can see the fish there since boy has no teeth
and all he could do is swallow.
there's a higher possiblity tat he swallowed the whole fish down.

i waited. and picked up the poos.
no sign of fishy.

brother commented on FB that prob the lizard ate it.
like how it happened when we were kids.
but that was grandma's story!
i dont recall seeing lizard eating the fish?

somebody tell me where did my missing guppy go pls?