Sunday, November 28, 2004


i can still hear screams.
excited screams.
from thousands of ppl,
including myself!

hahaha.... i jus came back from....
Jay's Incomparable concert!!!!!
he's really incomparable!!!!!
the concert was 100% high till the very end!
even the guest singers were great.
and i watched jay from the 2nd row.
Million thanks to jeslyn from Jay Dimensions.
without her, i wun be able to get the tix.

The concert kick start wif Yi Fu Zi Ming
and jay was on the cross.
he jus look so damn freakin Cool!!!!!!!
i loved it man... and can see him so clearly when he stood at our side.
the stage's a four-faced stage btw.
still so happy and excited.
too bad, no more.
gotta wait.... for another 1 or 2 yrs.

Ah..... i jus love the concert.
and i recorded a small little part of him talking!
and it's quite clear!!!!
hahaha... so happy now...
think i might not be able to slp tonite.
and perhaps, tml i might get a muscle ache from my arm
due to the light stick shaking
and a super hoarse voice from all the screaming.

It was jus fantastic!
unforgettable and incomparable. haha.
the one, and only fantasy.
it's never enough...
ok, i'm starting to crap.
coz, i jus can't freakin explain the feelin i have now!
it's jus superb!

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!!!!

hahaha... it's my birthday.
so happy.
coz i celebrated it!

went to rush at sultan wif xp, ke, er, jen, kel (work)
so long no show my 'energizer power'
over charged already.
now my mine is full of shit...
i mean the song,
duno the title.
think it's tuo diao.
it goes something like tis:
tuo diao tuo diao, wai tao tuo diao, mian ju tuo diao.

hahaha... lame.
anywayz, went lau pa sat for 'supper'
hahaha... 10 10 10... damn funny
and.... i received a lovely bday gift.
a MP3 player.
thanks my dear frenz.
really love it.

and thanks to my bro for the wallet.

BIG thanks to my dearest mei, evelyn!
for remembering my bday.
love ya so much!

Friday, November 19, 2004

read chriss blog and came across something...

guy: "i dun wan to lose u"

girl: "but u dun wan to keep me either do u?"

this shit always happens.

and it always end in the same freaking fucking ending:

"we're jus friends"

from my personal experiences..
how true is that?
wat the fuck.
who cares.


last nite can only be a memory.

last week too.

it's either, there's a change
or i hafta forget.

but still,
i believe u know wat's in my mind.
too bad.
always the wrong time.
u still know me better.

thanks for ur companion.
i still wish u all the best.

i'll not expect anything.
if it's really meant to be, it'll be.
hopefully i can put it off far back
into my mind.

anyway, gd luck for ur exams.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Birthday Xiuping!

happy birthday my dear friend!
hope u enjoy urself today.
though everything was simple,
i tot i was fun.
glad tat you like the presents.
so fast, u're 19
soon, it'll be my turn.

anywayz, today is a stressful day
woke up at 10+
despite the fact tat i slpt late last nite.
mum told me tat grandma is goin for an op.
if it's a success, it's gd.
if it fails, prepare for the worse.
got down to the hospital asap.

reached there, she's alread in the op theatre.
waited for 5 long hrs.
finally news came.
now, she's still in the critical stage.
so, i'm still very worried.
saw her in pain but can't do anything
knew that she wans to say something
but she can't speak
i felt so sad.
my heart sank.
so lost.
really hope that she make it thru this stage.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

slp at 5.
no. not d treatment.

went to meet kelvin (toyota) after work.
went 'la-kopi'.
then went to sengkang.
let me drove a short distance.

after a while, went punggol.
punggol marina. (the area)
a place, where there's nice scenary.
deserted place. secluded.
brought back some memories.
stayed there till 1 i guess.

reach home at 1.30.
online till duno wat time.
read magazine till 5+
before goin to slp.

got this disturbing ache on my gums.
tot it was due to 'heat'
but when brushin my teeth this morning,
got a shock.
it was the wisdom tooth...
growing out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

i've decided to get over and done with d treatment.
i dun wan it anymore.
got to overcome it.

needed it when i wasn't myself.
now, i wan to be back to myself.
no more.
no more d treatment.

wonder wat happens when u grow old?
wat will ur children say to u?
recently, i've witness horrifying acts and words from my relatives.
children of my grandma.
those words they say....
really makes me wonder why on earth,
are they still alive?
they shld be they one lying there.

still think that my grandma brought them up so hard...
utterly disappointed.

Monday, November 08, 2004

woke up this noon.

went to the hospital to visit my grandma.
relapse of amnemia again.
almost fainted in front of my grandma.

gd thing didn't.
left after a while
went to catch a movie wif kelvin (collegue)
caught the cellular.
not bad.

after tat had dinner
and got home
not a bad day.
except for the amnemia part of course.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

got d treatment last nite.

went to slp at ard 1 i guess?
and d treatment at ard 3+
till 5 before i went back to dreamland.

woke up at 11.
went to the doc for a jab.
took a short nap in the noon b4 goin to visit my grandma.

now still feeling drowsy.
and feeling skin.
temp is slightly higher.
sniffing and coughing away.

i wonder is it the jab or i'm sick
and the drowsiness.
was it due to slp deprive or the jab?

yeah rite,
blame everything on that jab.
my arm does hurt a little.

Friday, November 05, 2004

overdose of d treatment last nite
now addicted to it.

from midnite till morning.
only slpt for like an hr or two.
went to work
felt like living zombie.

did not visit my grandma today.
tml mus do it.