Friday, October 25, 2013


Urgent post... Operation Find Miruku.

Please help pass and share the messge.

Miruku, a 9 yr-old female lemon beagle who looks like a labrador puppy went missing on 24 October 2013 at 1pm.

She ran along Upper East Coast Road and got lost in sight at the intersection at Lucky Heights Road.

She is wearing a dog tag with owners' contact numbers. If found, please call those numbers.

If you have any leads, please contact Jar at 81333583.

Reward will be awarded if found.

I don't know if this message will ever reach anyone.. but if any person who has found Miruku and taken her home, PLEASE return her to her owners. It is very emotionally painful and the owners are now abroad, very worried.

We do appreciate your care and concern especially if you have taken her in overnight. But, please do return her to her rightful owners.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bridal Studio

My 2nd last post did mentioned that we actually signed up for a bridal package at a roadshow... So this post is going to be entirely on the bridal package and the bridal studio's services.

Well, unlike many couples, we did not manage to visit any bridal fairs, walk down tanjong pagar stretch (where lots of bridal studios were located). I can still remember, I saw a post in a facebook group saying that there's gonna be a bridal studio (not bad reviews) that was going to have a booth in Expo. No clear indication of which hall, what fair either. So the very silly me just drag my baby along with me and he was game enough to 'hunt' with me.

Alas, that was kinda a 'wasted' trip. We couldn't find at all any fair relating to bridal shoots despite trying our luck entering into different halls with all sorts of different fairs going on. It was only upon nearing exit, we spotted a bridal roadshow just outside subway but nay, it wasn't the one i read about on facebook.

Nevertheless, we thought we would just take a look. But, after about 40 minutes, I was signing off the bill. We did no homework, tried no gowns at all! All we saw were photos and more photos. I must say, the sales lady is really good. She convinced both of us and baby even more to make him want to take up the taiwan photoshoot package while I was only looking at doing the shoots locally.

Anyway, we signed up for the taiwan package in the end. And it was only after leaving expo, i did a quick search on the bridal studio and ended up reading lots of bad reviews!!!! It was really like a shock of my life that evening. Imagine signing up for something which cost $3988 but to read a good deal of bad reviews online?! I thought that was really bad luck for us. Baby tried to talk me out of it saying that things may have changed etc. Well, I had to really just keep my fingers crossed.

A surprise came the next day - I received a text from the bridal studio's boss to acknowledge that we have already signed up for the package and if we need to clarify any doubts, we may do so by making an appointment. Honestly, it was still 2012 then, nobody knew what was coming next, and so of course, we told her we'll do so on a nearer date when we are going for our photoshoot somewhere 2013 or 2014 since we had not even settled down on a wedding date!

Since then till end of 2012, an sms and phone call from the boss to ask if I'm keen to join their upcoming TW entourage for our shoots. Again, we turned her down as we only manage to finalized our wedding date to be in Sep 14, giving them 6 months time in advance, we would only want to do our photoshoot in early 2014. So that brings us back to Jan 13 baby lost his grandma and we had to follow the chinese custom of 10 days or 3 years.

We did not manage to make any appointment prior going down to the studio as time was not on our side - the clock starts ticking from the day she passed away and we had decied on the 100 days option. I prep myself to get pretty bad customer service or rigid treatment based on the number of bad reviews I've read. Even baby was all ready to talk to them nicely. However, to our surprise, the staff were all very patient and understanding when we related our situation to them.

They managed to slot us in for gown selection and phototaking in Feb as they are really packed for Jan. We told them that we have to forsake the TW package since it's almost impossible and requested to have others in exhcange, such as additional photos etc. but they was unable to decide then because the boss was not in. The only possible option was as per our invoice, an Actual Day (AD) photographer could be included as hiring one from them would cost $500 extra and 2 additional photos for us. But they sort of 'promised' us that the photos will be able to deliver by our AD which we had set it to be on 7 Apr 2013 (the last weekend before 100 days).

Since that visit, we did not hear from them for quite a fair bit. Until we received a surprise call EACH. Somehow, somewhat, they didn't seemed to have recorded down on our invoice that we have already changed our TW package to a local photoshoot and they were still asking if we would like to join them for their upcoming TW photoshoot entourage. That was really a shocker for the both of us We came across their booth during a bridal fair held at Marina Square as we were still keeping options open on our venue then and we manage to get hold of the sales lady who sold us our package to verify our package with them. Hubby even relate the situation again to her so that she would remind them we only have 2 months for them to deliver the photos given that our photoshoot appointment was locked on 28 Feb 13. It would have been a nightmare if they had not note down our changes and fail to deliver everything on time.

Finally, the day before our fitting, baby received a call from them on our fitting appoitment the day before. The lady who attended to us was Lili. I must say, she's really good. Be it her attitude, friendliness, efforts, she had really please both baby and myself. Honestly, the only homework i did was to look at some bridal magazines, get the ideal of what type of gowns I was looking for and also the cuts that I should be avoiding. I managed to show her only about 3-4 pictures of the gown designs I liked and guess what? She manage to picked out about 5-6 gowns for me to try.

Not only did she helped me with every single gown, she also took the effort to look for belts to add on when I found certain gowns too plain. When selecting gowns of different colours she was also looking up and down for designs towards my liking. She also advised me on the height of the heels that I should go for to match baby's height. It was really an almost hassle-free fitting session for me.

Oh, i must say, i miss trying out gowns and wearing them. Tiring but so fun...

A week after fitting was our photoshoot day! We're so excited about it. Lili wasn't around that day. The make up artist was another lady whom I have not met before. And we were still kind of clueless on the photographer whom will be working with us. Managed to meet him finally at about 12.30 or so? His name is Pierre and he was discussing with us on the photoshoot locations and also the switch of photoshoot schedule due the the constant heavy showers in the afternoon that period.

Perhaps to trade off for the night shoots, Pierre suggested to thelet us have one gown which was meant for indoor shoots to be brought along for outdoor shoots instead? Or maybe because it was a long black gown which could fit nicely into the museum look perfectly?

Anyway, he was too very easy going and we were able to get along pretty ok. He also suggested for us to go back to the bridal studio for a change to the 2nd gown before heading to the 2nd location (because the journey will passby the bridal studio). Which means, I get to have another hair style setting and also, dont have to change gowns outside twice! It's really a hassle to change gowns in public toilets. Good thing, we had this option and I only change from the black evening gown to the short dress outside! But, the sad note is that, we switched our itineary to avoid the rain but it DID NOT RAIN!!!! So, we totally miss out the night shoots. No evening, night light shoots at all.

Overall, we headed to 3 different destinations - Botanical Gardens, National Museum and Sentosa.

It was a pretty fun but tiring experience. Pierre was informed that we were 'rushing' for the photos and he was really kind enough to let us select our photos the following day. But because i had to work, we rescheduled it to the weekend instead.

And so, days passed and we went for our photo selection as scheduled. We spent about 3 hours in the studio!  No doubt we only went to 3 locations, he had editted the photos with filters and effects that the turnout was quite stunning for some of the photos. Even the indoor ones which were unedited look really not bad and we were pretty surprised with the outcome.

Both below are indoor shoots by the way.

Out of the 140+ photos, we managed to downsize to half through elimination method and after some discussion and money talks, we ended up topping for 35 more photos from what was already included in our package. Again, they promised that they will rush to deliver the photos for us as it was already March when we view the photos and let us have the layout review of the album by our 2nd fitting.

It was during the 2nd fitting that they really made us felt uncomfortable. I was waiting on my own in the studio, while baby went to park the car. We manage to view the album layout which seems still alright with some amendments and repeated request to amend ont he pocket flap. The guy working on the layout was studious enough that he note down all the details we have requested for and fixed a date with us to view a 2nd draft in another few days time as he was also well informed of the tight timeline we had.

However, the fitting experiene during our this particlar visit was one downhill experience. Lili was ot around. Another lady by the name of Lina was attending to us, whom we felt was nothing but lazy. She didn't really took the effort to help me select the gowns and even asked me to help myself with the racks. When I told her I had 4 sets of gowns/dresses to look at, she didn't believe it either until the make up artist who attended to us during our photoshoot had to intercept.

Finally after a very tiring selection, we manage to pick the white gown for my AD morning and I took back one of the evening gown which I had selected for my photoshoot as per above photo - the pink one. :) Also managed to select a cute short white dress for my solemnization. As for the chinese tea dress  - KUA, it was really disappointing at how Lina attended to me. She was lazy to dig for my right size that she took one that was too small then later one oversized one, claiming that there was no size which fitted me (in the end Lili saved the day by getting the right size for me when we went for our 3rd fitting and i really like myself wearing it because it made me look good in it!).

Interestingly, baby also could not find fitting suits for himself during this 2nd fitting. the ones he wore for our photoshoot was also not there. And this time I guess the lazy Lina gave up and she actually asked us to wait till Lili's return so that she can get us what we wanted.

Well, the one little regret which I still feel for was during baby's fitting. We saw one white gown similar to the one I've picked for my AD except that this one has baby pink finishes and flower petals. I like it so much that baby asked me to try it since he's still not done. But Lina wasn't keen to let me try at all. I do not know why. The only explanations I can find is either she's lazy or perhaps it's dinner time and she's famished? She kept repeating to us before we left that we're done for the day and we can go grab food. Food was not in our mind at all! Baby helped himself and took down the gown for me to try.

Another lady came in to help me with the gown since Lina wasn't 'available' to help. That gown fits me as kinda perfectly like the one I've selected! I was actually very happy and was thinking to change but the make up artist reminded us that, it's more appropriate to pick full white gown for AD morning which in turn baby then later thought of the veil too and we decided to let go of it. But I just can't take it off my mind that I actually can't sleep the entire night!

My mind was occupied by some queries on the album and the gown. I managed to convinced baby to make a trip down to the studio despite having a swollen eye. Our heart almost stopped beating when our Pierre said our album was another design (vertical) according to what his invoice had written! He refused to look at our copy of invoice initially till I told him that he was the one who confirmed with us the album design we were entitled to (horizontal). I even reminded him that he commented that  the sales person was very nice to give us this album design then. Eventually, we confirmed  that what we had was correct and all the other queries that had kept me awake the entire night.

Baby and I then tried our luck with the boss to negotiate on 1 extra gown for my AD to be worn during my March In in the evening only. But she was totally not giving in to us. The lady who help me fitted the gown and the make up artist were also aware that I really loved that gown that they tried to put in words but it was still a NO. The best she could offer was for us to top up $150 as the dry cleaning fee only. Well, we told her we would consider and left disappointed.

We went back 3 days later to view our album layout. Xiao Zhang was the one working on our album. Thumbs up for him as most of the items which we had discussed earlier had been edited and we just did some final changes which he did on the spot for us. Once everything wasconfirmed, he proceeded to orderour prints.

We almost had another heart attack when we asked about our wedding montage. It was a total miscommunication. Based on our understanding, a montage is a compilation of our pre-wedding photos done in soft copy meant to be played before our wedding banquet. But to them, it's those long white portrait frames of photo collage hanging on their walls!

Anyway after showing the boss how upset I was she finally (perhaps unwillingly too?) asked one of her staff to do one for us. I was already boiling mad by then as she kept insisting that their collage is called a montage. Besides, I only wanted 50 odd photos done in slideshow format without any music at all. Sighs.

Moving on, our next fitting was on 27 Mar, close to 2 weeks after the montage incident. Lili called up to confirmed on our appointment and I briefly ran through with her verbally on the items to be looked into (when Lina was attending to us during her absence).  On 27th itself, at about 5-ish, Lily called to asked if we could try to be there as early as possible because they had to close early for the night. I didn't ask why but I promised I would try.

We reached there 15 mins before our appt time (7pm) and she was already waiting for us. I managed to try my vening gown again as previously when attended by Lina, it somehow didn't manage to fit; which is totally unbelievable because I wore it for PS and I lost some weight from then till my fitting. Even Lilo finds it impossible! Eventually, it fit of course. She also let me try on the KUA and was with me guiding me how to wear it properly unlike Lina who just left it there for me to try on my own. The size Lili picked was perfect. 1 try and it's done. She just needed to help me do some mending on some of the embroideries.

Then to my last worry, the short dress. She showed me the dress which was still in tact on the mannequin. They had been doing alterations. After trying, I noticed that the major alterations had been done. Just some bits which they can't tell when it was on the mannequin. To my amazement, Lili just did the alteration with me wearing the dress. In like less than 10 mins, it's 90% done. Just one more sewing that can only be done without me wearing it. I would say, she's really fast and good!

Then it's baby's turn. Lili tried her best to locate the suit he wore for PS but only manage to find 1 set. The other had 'went missing'. We could tell that she's very focus and determined to complete everything that evening. She went searching in and out a few times just to find something closest to that missing suit. All these while, the smile and warmth never left her face. And when all the selection is done, she did a trial make up for me.

After the trial make up, I was asked to select my hand bouquet for the day. Guess what, almost everyone in the BS is leaving. The boss was giving them a treat that night if I'm not wrong. And all of them are getting ready to go. Poor Lili was still trying to clear up the oustanding matters for us.

Personally I felt that the boss should arrange the dinner later instead of having to rush the clients down and witness them all happily getting ready to go for dinner. They even turned off the aircon and music! Xiao Zhang at the same time, passed us all the photos, albums, portrait and softcopies of the files. He had already shut down and so we weren't able to test view it.

I must say, album was done really fast and good. Only the table top photo frame was scratched. We requested to change the frame after our AD as time wasn't on our side anymore. We quickly left once everything was collected and all the gowns and hand bouquet were finalized so that Lili could join them in time.

One last fitting on the eve of our AD. Lili called about 3 hours before our appt time, telling us not to rush cause it was raining, and traffic jam etc. Anyway, we reached about 30 mins later than the fixed time. I requested to try on ALL gowns one more time to ensure nothing went wrong (I had only tried my AD white gown once!) as there were still some minor alterations from our last fitting.

Baby too tried his suits. Minor hiccups here and there for him. But alteration was immediate. So no worries at all. Our bridal car was also there awaiting for the ribbons to be tied at the carpark opposite. I must say the guy they engaged to do the flower/ribbon tying on the bridal car is quite professional. We witnessed the whole procedure. He also advised the driver and us to only tie the couple bear the next morning in case they go missing at night.

After that we went back and Lili helped baby to select his bow ties. She also gave us the 'ribbons' for the brothers' cars. Initially we were told that they will give us only 16 pieces (4 cars or 8 cars going at 2 pcs each). In the end, she gave us more than that She even ask if we need wrist corsages! She had a bagful of them. The wrist corsages aren't the best looking around and I had already bought something matching to my jiemeis' dresses and so we didn't take any. The car ribbons were extremely awful to be honest but we had not prepare any so we had to take whatever's offered.

And so, that's about almost all of the experience to relate with the bridal studio. The last bit will come in the AD update.

here's one outdoor shoot from botanical gardens which i really love...

And in case, you're wondering, the bridal studio is Feline Bridal.

Located along River Valley Road.

Till then... ciaos!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Venue Selection

This post might back track a lil' bit to end 2012, and it's all about the venue selection for our banquet. Although baby's mom did suggested for us to skip the banquet, save the monies for honeymoon, house etc, it was dear baby who really wanted to hold it so that I can be 'formally' introduced to his gigantic family.

Well, as per last post suggested, we did start doing some research for our supposed 2014 wedding.
And so, I was going through forums, reading reviews and shortlisting some hotels and of course, arrange to meet up with the hotel coordinators/visit to the hotel.

The hotels we've shortlisted were:

1) Hotel Re!
2) Furama Riverfront
3) Furama City Centre
4) Changi Crowne Plaza
5) Park Royal (both Kitchener Road & Pickering)

However, officially, we only made it there for 1 visit. That's to Hotel Re!. A place where I would actually love to have my wedding if their suites are bigger in size and that they are not located that out of place. I love their pillar-less ballroom too and the buggy which will be decorated to fetch the couple from the hotel to the ballroom. Everything will be so nicely decorated and it's like so beautiful But the location is something which made us double, triple considered.

To be exact, they are located at a hilltop. Not accessible via bus/train; only cars. No doubt they do provide transport from Outram MRT, but the shuttle is only 1 way. I really love the thematic weddings concept but can't help but agree with baby that it's not something we budgetted for. Besides, he's expecting more elders attending our wedding banquet that we can't risk to let them climb up/down the hill. Although they do offer to help us book coaches to shuttle guests down (at our expenese of course) but it wasn't convincing enough.

I think i did blogged about their hotel sometime about 1-2 yrs back. Even till now, I would love to book for a staycation there. Perhaps next year or something? I don't know. Am still thinking about it.

That was the first hotel we visited. The 2nd hotel we visited was not self arranged. It was a visit to Orchard Hotel (it's not even one of our shortlisted hotel). The visit was by chance. We were at a bridal fair at Vivo City and Orchard Hotel was one of the participating hotels and they had arranged return trips to tour the hotel ballroom and bridal suite as well.

The ballroom was pretty but we didn't quite like to location plus the suite. Although it was big but it wasn't impressive in anyway.

The final hotel we visit was also where our wedding was held - Furama City Centre (FCC). I was mermesized by the bridal suite, the bathroom and the super king size bed. However, there were some issues initially. The coordinator wasn't keen to entertain us initially when I dropped an inquiry. The minimum tables to meet for dinner banquet was 30 tables. We were only looking at 26 odd tables and she only suggested luncheon for us.

Anyway, all these hotel research minus touring of FCC was done before baby's granny passed on. We even had made an appointment with Furama Riverfront, all ready to view but on that fateful day, granny passed on that afternoon. We ended up cancelling our appointment as we were still not sure what to do then. It was only after that day then the decision to wed in 100 days was set.

We had to quickly rush to get our dates caculated by a Master and after firming up the dates with our parents then we decided to give it another shot to FCC again. We were actually also trying to make an appointment with Plaza Crowne Changi but then the coordinator wasn't available on the days we were. It was upon my 2nd email, FCC gave in to us. And thus, we manage to hold our wedding there.

So there you go, that was how we managed to select the hotel. It wasn't as easy as ABC but it wasn't algebra mathematics though. Some hiccups along the way but we still made it. Upon confirmation of venue, we worked through the banquet menu, negotiated some items for free and in exchange for too.

A few of the stuff we had personalized were:

1) Wedding Favors - We took Sticky rock candies and customized labels by Ping
2) Invites & inserts - Ping offered to customized it for us
3) The Ang Bao Box - Customized by Ping
4) Guest Book - We had guest poster instead, also customized by Ping

Good thing that the food tasting was free, there was also free flow of beer and wine. I heard some hotels don't cater free for these. Side track, i miss the cereal prawns!!!! More hiccups along the way with the hotel coordinator which had resulted in me having to call in to request for a change of coordinator.

Owe to luck? I managed to get Jovian, the EAM for FCC, after calling in to the hotel a couple of times to take up my account. He got the F&B/Operations manager to take over. Kudos and double thumbs up to Kenny, Steve, Alex and not forgetting the AV technician Hazali who had managed to resolve and cater to our requests of course not forgetting the alternatives/suggestions and help rendered.

So that was all about the hotel selection and of course not forgetting the beautiful outcome.

Up next... probably will be on the wedding preps/photoshoot etc.
Stay tuned!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Something missing before Two Thousand Thirteen

I'm gonna close 2012 with the previous post I guess.

But before that, I realised, I didn't talk about a roadtrip with the girls and the closure of Boiler!

A quick one on that, the girls (7 of us) planned and went ahead with a 3D2N road trip in just 1 car. Dearest Ping drove us 80% of the time. We were headed to Port Dickson. Departed on a Friday night, then head up all the way to KL.

Spent a night in KL, in an apartment style 'hotel' where our rooms were linked. The carpark was creepy and dead quiet. We checked in pretty late at about 12 mid night or so? Head down and tried the famous Oyster Egg which Ping can never have enough of. Really 2 thumbs up for that. Would love to have it again if there's a chance to.

Head on to Port Dickson the next morning. Managed to check in at about 3-ish. Mus say the room is huge. Bathroom too.. and there's a indoor pool! Head out for dinner shortly, 'shopped' at their night market before heading back. We swam, chilled out. 2 of the guys came to visit their darlings all the way from SG.

We checked out the next day, heading back to SG. On our way back, we stopped for the much missed A&W waffles. Head on to a Jap Restaurant in JB for dinner. The 2 guys came in for dinner too before we went back to SG. It was a simple but of course, memorable roadtrip. My first to be exact.

31 Dec 12, was not just a goodbye to year 2012. It was also a formal goodbye to a place i used to call home. The Boiler Room. Having hitting the place for so many years, the friends i've made there, the memories, the fun, the music, the laughter, the joy... had came to a close. St James had decided to close it down for good. It was really an emotional night even till now, I still miss those days... It will be arched as a forever memory in my mind. Missing everyone heaps!

So before I continue to 2013, I'll just link up things a lil' from where I left off.

After the lost of dear Boy, it was Christmas not long after then along came news of Baby's paternal grandma hospitalized which was in late Dec that dragged till early Jan. We're in the midst of discussion on working out our wedding plans. Ping had urged me to sign up a pre-wedding bridal shoot pacakge during our roadtrip and so, baby and i had been discussing on our plans, working on the timeline.

We did ultimately signed up a bridal package without sufficient homework done though. It was a package where we can have our photoshoot done in Taiwan, signed up unintentionally at a roadshow.
The plan was for us to do venue sourcing in 2013 since our INITIAL plan was to wed in 2014.
I had started on shortlisting and contacting some hotels in late Dec, early Jan. Good thing I did. because, baby's paternal grandma passed away early Jan 13. His parents being more traditional, wanted us to get hitched either within 100 days otherwise, 3 years later.

So that's where and how we ended up getting hitched on 7 April 2013.

That's all for now... I'll be updating 2013 in bits... and will try to close 2013 together with the calendar...


Friday, August 30, 2013

In loving memory.

A blog post, dedicated to my dear old Boy who's now running free and happy at the rainbow bridge.

To my beloved Boy.

I missed you, miss you and am still missing you. I can’t really remember the day you came to our family. But I will never forget your sad story.

You were tied outside a police post at Beach Road for almost the entire day. It rained and you were drenched. How dramatic is that? It was like a beautiful ending for the day when you met your two Samaritans; Denise, your godma and Zhen.

I still recalled how frantic and helpless your godma was trying to find you a new home after bringing you to the vet.  She was doing all that she could, giving you a good shave, having your health status checked as you had a stench then. She posted in adoption threads, sms-ed to all friends but it was all in vain. She found you a fosterer but couldn’t leave you there for long as the daily fees weren’t exactly cheap and it wasn’t helping that she was still halfway through her university days. She wasn’t feeling good to let anyone adopt you as you weren’t that young then. You were estimated to be between 8 to 10. Almost a senior and diagnosed with heart mur mur although it wasn’t clinical yet. You were also sadly, left with 4 tooth; which didn’t do you any favour when it comes to charming people with your handsome looks. I may sound crude here but dear Boy, you should know it better.

It took me some courage and consideration after a few days or was it a week? I finally told your Godma that she can put you with me, at no cost, until she manages to get you a good home. Otherwise, I’ll just keep you. I had many reservations then. I had Fluffy. Yes, your dearest Fluffy. I was in a bad state and condition due to personal issues. My fear for your health deterioration was also another concern as we all know, vet fees here are nothing but costly. Also, I always have reservations towards males. Not that I’m lesbian or what but I dislike the markings and spraying of urines on walls and legs of furniture. That being said, you were on diaper, which also means, additional cost for maintenance. Lastly, I’m sorry, I had to admit, I wasn’t charmed by you at all. I took the plunge and there, the rest is history. You came to my house and subsequently, became a family member.

I felt sorry towards Fluffy many times initially as she was terrorized and traumatized by you badly. She was too used to living in her own world and when you came over, she hated your presence like no tomorrow. But it is also because of you, our little timid Fluffy had turn slightly more vocal and braver. You were her shield, her protection, her leader, her companion, and her partner which I eventually pro-claimed you two to be husband and wife.

But before becoming husband and wife, it was for quite a period of time with torture for you and me before we could finally live together in peace. I can never forget how short-tempered you were. You were constantly growling at me many times and yes, you bit me. I still have photo evidence alright! Those blue-blacks you gave me made me felt idiotic. Yes. Why so? Didn’t you know that it’s not right for a dog to bite the hands that feeds you? But then again, after our fights and quarrels, I constantly remind myself of your sad story. I believed that you had a tough time before me. That was probably the reason for your foul temper and not forgetting you were abandoned. I too had to blame for being stubborn enough to fight with you. I’m sorry for that Boy. Thinking back, it was ridiculous with me shouting and yelling my lungs out at you and having you growling and barking at me back. I’m also sorry for laying my hands on you. You were so stubborn, just like me. That is probably why we end up hurting each other. But never once, you had marks left on you while unfairly, I had so many blue-blacks.

Many times, I will smirk at your 4 tooth, calling you “Bo-Gay” harbouring suspicion that you were probably too hard to handle that your tooth got smacked off. Well, that’s animal abuse I know. But hey, there were cases of mad people who killed canines at HDB void deck remember?

There was this particular incident which I could never forget. Remember that morning while I was preparing for work and you stole a piece of the ‘Huat Kuey’ from the altar? I’m sorry for making you lose another tooth. But I really can’t let you go with that. That was for praying and by stealing it, it’s wrong. End up, after an episode of umbrella, dog under the bed, refusing to let go of the ‘huat kuey’, you lose a tooth. I was often amazed by how you did not even cry or whine in pain. You were only filled with anger then. Barking and growling non-stop. It was only when I saw the bloody tooth then we stopped the tussle. You didn’t get the ‘Kuey’ in the end. See? You should have just let go.

There was also a period of time that I had to put you up at Zhen’s place as I was thinking too highly of myself – pet sitting a Jack Russell when I can’t even handle you, not forgetting Fluffy. It was chaotic at home and so I had to send you off to a staycation or perhaps a getaway for you. I heard you were treated very well. You were also well groomed. Boy, I’m not happy here. When I tried to groom you, why do you always attempt to bite me? While over there, you didn’t snap? Not fair Boy. It’s not fair. But it’s okay. I still love you alright. It was just a few days stay; you came back looking happy and good. I can’t help but always wonder why Zhen didn’t take you in. Even now, I still do wonder. I was looking at your staycation pictures last night. Boy, you really look happy and you were a lot fatter too. It made me felt bad. I felt like I never did a good job.

I also can’t remember when, things seems to take a turn. You started becoming less temperamental or was it that I know how to manage it better? I remember those days when I come back home, you would be either be asleep but facing the door or you would be standing in the hall wagging your tail at me. I would run to the kitchen and you would chase after me until one day, you failed to stop in time and went crashing onto the cupboard. You wailed like a chicken waiting to get massacred. I was so worried especially when you screamed after I touched you. You went limping for a good 5 to 10 minutes? I texted your Godma immediately as I was afraid you would break a limp or something. Thank goodness, you regain your ability to walk on fours shortly after. From then on, as much as I enjoyed being chased by you, I refrained from running too near to the cupboards. I was glad nothing happened.

There was also an occasion which I can’t forget. I was lying on my folks’ bed and you couldn’t see me. I heard you panting and running up and down the house. From our bedroom; to the folks’ room; to the master bathroom. You couldn’t see me still and you kept running up and down. I could feel your anxiety. You were worried that you were left alone again Boy? It’s your home. Silly Boy you. You finally panted a sigh of relief when I called out to you. It was all these little ‘cute’ gestures of yours that gave me a different light of you. You are a sweet old Boy who is also a scaredy cat.

Why scaredy cat? You would bark not at thunders but at lightning flashes or camera flashes. When the thunder gets too heavy, you bark at times too. Mom always tell me, you are the evil one and yet afraid of death. That made me wants to laugh at you more but yet, protect you at the same time. That’s probably how we bonded?

You would love to stick around me always. Having your held rested on the computer chair’s rollers or your tail just millimetres away from the wheel. Very sticky but sweet. You wouldn’t leave me alone in the room for too long. Either you would end up scampering up and down the house to look for me or you would just be less than 50 centimetres away from me. You always had your eyes on me. Yes, that’s the right phrase.

The day came when we had to move out of the big hall house to a way smaller flat. I’m sorry to have entertained the thought of giving you up just because we are going to a smaller home. I’m sorry to have left you home alone, in the master bathroom the entire day while moving. I’m sorry that I had almost forgotten you. I’m sorry Boy. You must have been really scared, all alone in darkness. You know, if you had not barked at and followed the foreign workers around the house, I wouldn’t want to keep you in the toilet either. I’m really sorry for the trauma you faced once more that very day. Please forgive me alright?

Finally, we settled in the new small cosy flat. A new territorial ground for you. We had our daily walks. And once, I let loose of your leash and you just went off without me. I feel very much loved when you turned back and realised I wasn’t behind you and you came running back towards me. Thank you Boy. Thank you for coming back.

Not long after moving over, you had a new co-owner. Yes, your ‘papa’. You feared him because he would hit you so hard sometimes. Especially when you attempt to bite again. Perhaps being somewhat of an alpha male, you tend to fear him more while you love coming to me for affection.

I still remember there was once; you were paranoid by a recycling bag. Maybe, you had not seen anything like that before and hence you were so carefully taking small steps towards it, smelling it. And me, coming from behind with no intention to scare you, scared you instead and you came charging at me, and bit me again. That was also when I felt love from your papa. A grown man tearing, just because I was bitten by my dog, and he had failed to ‘protect’ me? I only suffered a bruise, silly papa of yours. And you, silly Boy of ours.

I can’t recall anymore biting incidents after that. Perhaps over time, you began love us more or were you to feel weak and I had not notice it? You would occasionally growl at us when we scold you or punish you. Your biting attempts ceased gradually and I would many times felt that you had change for the better, giving us lots of unconditional love. Like what Godma said, you had gradually stole a spot in my heart without myself realising it and it was never by your looks.

We had outings, brought you for your first swim. Voila! You are a better swimmer than Fluffy! Somehow, many happy occasions seems to pass really fast. You became sticky to your ‘papa’ too. You would also portray cute actions which made my heart melt. Your affection towards Fluffy grew and vice versa. There were occasions I caught you too smelling each other and sticking near to each other. 

Then in May last year, we brought a monster back. Probably, to you, she’s an irritant but she’s a monster to Fluffy. Yes, Boy, I’m talking about Gigi, the crazy girl. I’m sorry to have put you through her terror. We had a picture of you looking happy but in fact, you were probably screaming for help to save you from the terror. Sometimes she would accidentally land on you while you were sleeping and you would chase her till she lay ‘dead’. It was an amusing sight. There were also happy moments where you mistook Gigi’s toys as food and chase after it. When you manage to get the toy, you spit it out shortly. I love it when you play alongside. I love watching you play Boy.

There were also many occasions where you would just sit right in front of the television ‘watching’ it. I had photo evidences too!  You also amazed me with your imaginative digging skills and your superb howling skills. Although sometimes it freaks me out. Your ‘papa’ was sharing with me some incidents which I had forgotten too. The once you attempted to bite him? I think he had accidentally stepped on your feet or something? Where he crashed into the wardrobe and now, yes till now, my wardrobe doors are not in good place? He also said there was once you refused to let me dry you after bathing and you bit him and not letting go? I don’t have recollections of such maybe because; these are your memory with ‘papa’. ‘Papa’ loves you a lot too Boy.   

Remember those days where you had very bad ears? We were sorry to put you through the pain but it for your good. I’m sorry that the daily walks ceased after Gigi came in. It was really exhausting for us as she was really an energy drainer. I know you would not bear grudges against us for not bringing you out. We hope the outings made up for it?  I’m sorry to have put you on diaper throughout your years with me. I know your lil’ bro had suffered a fair bit but I hope you like the Pooh Bear diapers which were way better than the initial ones we used? We are also sorry to have cut your territory smaller and you had to stay in the kitchen most of the time. We did that because Gigi was so active and we had seen her tripping and pouncing on you, it worries us.  You were so laid back; we didn’t want you to be perpetually disturbed by her when we are not around.

Somehow, we didn’t realise since sometime, you were starting to get weaker each day. We put you to sleep in the kitchen as you were constantly getting up in the middle of the night wanting to get out of the room. Otherwise, you would get up and start digging for what we don’t know and never got to know. It was probably tough initially for you to get used to sleeping alone in the kitchen separated from your darling but nevertheless, you got used to it pretty fast.

There were days especially over the weekends where I would sleep late and I would allow you to stay in the room longer than usual. You would probably find comfort in having to sleep near me and your darling Fluffy also will come and sleep next to you. There was also a period of time where the both of you, would just stick to each other very much. I had a few photos of you 2, husband and wife. Especially when it was Valentine’s Day, how sweet, my dear Boy. Yes, that was 14 Feb 2012. About 9 months ago, you were still up and very well.

There was also a period of time where we had to put you to boarding. You weren’t exactly a stranger to boarding. You had done it before with these 2 brothers twice, once by Godma, once by us. Then there was another boarding session you probably love, Aunty Maureen’s place. Remember the good food she cooked for you and Gigi? The biscuits she made for you all as well? Remember the day when you came back and refuse to go up the stairs?

Things started going downhill for you sometime later. We were slow in realising it. You started coughing badly and start having ‘attacks’. We didn’t know what it was. We called it ‘Fainting’ accidents. Brought you to different vets, Dr Tong from AAVC suggested strokes initially but later suspected fits but there was never a conclusion. He even wanted a video of that. It was then; you started having to take medications. And it was also till then; we got to know that you weren’t feeling exactly well to begin with. Your heart was starting to give way.  You started getting picky about your food. Was that a tell-tale sign? Were you trying to tell us that you shouldn’t be eating the normal dry feeds anymore? We didn’t know really how to handle it and Godma had to come along to help ask more questions to understand your condition better. Sorry, your ‘papa’ wasn’t good in English and I often was too distracted to ask questions. Your vet bills were also starting to get hefty. Something which I knew it would come, but seems a little too soon for us. It didn’t come to us that you had to eat only those prescribed wet food as Dr Tong also thought you were only being picky since you started to gobble the normal feeds a few days later. Although he did mention that your heart condition wasn’t really looking on the bright side, being 5 out of 6, 6 being a failed heart.

No too soon later, you started getting bloated. We realised you had difficulty walking and you had ‘water sacs’ on your body. We brought you down only to know that you have to go through the pain of needle pokes to remove excess water. You were scared we knew it, but we can’t let you not remove the water. It pains us to see the 450ml of liquid removed from you. There was blood inside too. Dr Tong was kind enough to allow your future ‘water draining’ sessions to be free of consultation fees.

Less than a month later, you had even bigger sacs. You felt heavier that you can’t really stand. We had to bring you down to drain the fluids. But alas, we weren’t lucky enough. Dr Tong was not around. The other female Doctor attended to you instead. You had more fluids drained out this time. About 500ml or more I guessed. She was screaming that you should not be taking normal feeds anymore. And had to up your medications and added a new medication for you too. Yes Boy, that bottle which you see me holding every Sunday; opening capsule by capsule, dividing into half, pouring into the daily medication box. The $300.00 medication, probably the most expensive medication I bought to date.

The female Doctor gave you liver supplements too. But probably an oversight of us all, we did not bring you down for review as we didn’t have faith in her. She went on to charge us for the ‘water draining’, and your bill that evening went was a beautiful $555.00. Things seem to take a change for the better. We started cooking for you every day. Porridge with carrots and chicken pieces. You seemed elated by this every evening. You would happily prance at our foot when we serve you your dinner with the medication. You would lick it all up, clean. You would start howling after eating. Were you expressing your happiness? I hope you were. We took it as that way too and we were happy to hear your howling and would compare who is a better cook by your howls. You even started barking. Loud ones, just like the past.

We continued to feed you medications, not knowing that it is slowly affecting your kidney. I’m so sorry dear Boy. Until a month plus or so, you started to get sick of the porridge? Or was it also another sign that you aren’t feeling well? There was no more ‘water sacs’, you were no longer heavy, no bloated feet too. Only obvious we saw was as part of the symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure, you getting skinnier. The bones were obvious. ‘Papa’ told me that each time he showers you, he could see your bones.  We tried other ingredients to make you eat. You started to eat a lot lesser.

At times, we fed you normal feeds, you would eat. All we could think of was, you were just being picky. Sorry for not being sensitive enough to pick out those signs, my dear Boy. We changed to macaroni bites with boiled chicken, you finished it entirely. Perhaps it was due to the small portion and you had not really eaten the day before. Subsequently, you started to not eat again. We were really confused. Not too sure what to do. It was only over dinner; a friend reminded me that if a dog doesn’t even want to eat meat, something is seriously wrong.

That was really an awakening call to me.  That night, I came home slightly later than normal, cooked for you. Then I watch your response. I then noticed that you weren’t exactly into the bowl. I pushed the bowl to you, since you smelt it like you’re longing for it. But, you turned away. I took treats for you, you turned away. I opened a new packet, thinking that you got bored of the current one (stupid me right?), you showed no interest at all. That was then, I really began to panic. I asked Aunty Maureen for recipes to try. She suggested mutton. Guessed what, after hearing your symptoms, she rang the red alert. She told me to be prepared for the worst. The last time I heard that was when you were attended to by the female Doctor.

The following day, I decided to get you a can of wet food. Your all time favourite. I went down to your groomer, Uncle Eric’s shop. He too, after hearing your condition, told me to prepare for the worse. Boy Boy, do you know I was really struggling to come to terms with reality? Although I knew it was coming but a part of me wants it to be later. Although I had many times wondered if you would make it to our new home, I didn’t expect you not to make it through 2012. I probably expected you to leave us slightly later.

I went home with the can of recommended wet food. Opened it up and fed you by spoon. The minute you responded to it, I was jumping with joy internally. I was elated. I quickly fed you more. Subsequently added medication to it and you turned away. Thinking that it could be the medication, I tried another bit. You ate a little, and then you stopped. You started to turn away. I was disheartened. I tried again. I even wanted to smack you. Sorry Boy, it was frustrations that came in. I really wanted you to eat. Besides, you had been vomiting for quite a few times already. I googled on your condition and wept when I realized that you were going through the stages and you are reaching the final stage.

That night, you came into the room and you threw up all that you had eaten. I knew this is not right anymore. We decided to let you sleep with us that night. I don’t know if Fluffy was trying to comfort you or she just wanted to sleep on another cushion. She squeezed with you onto that cushion given to you. I also do not know if you were being sweet to her or you were just feeling warm that you let her have the cushion.

You vomited once in the middle of the nigh and another time after ‘papa’ went to work. You also had stools which were sticky and with some spots of blood, and vomited more. I cleaned up the messed and I know you were feeling bad. You gave me that guilty look. Those guilty eyes, which was what I used to see, whenever you pee around the house. But rest assure Boy, I had never blamed you. I knew you weren’t feeling well. You couldn’t control it. 

That was 2 days before you left us. I tried the wet food again that day. And you rejected it by all means. We went down to Uncle Eric’s shop again as we were recommended with a supplement tube, which we could apply onto your tongue. We waited for nearly 1.5 hours? Uncle Eric was not in the shop. We left concluding that we had to quickly bring you to the vet. By then your hind legs was already shaking very badly each time you stand for long periods. With many thanks to your Godma, we manage to get a slot for you with the well known Dr Ly. Remember him? Yes, the one who kept calling you sweetie?

It was Monday; we rushed you down to ARVC. It was drizzling. We waited for quite a while. Dr Ly saw you. He told us, you had a couple of strokes before and your kidneys are failing. I couldn’t quite believe it. He took a look at your medication and said that, probably, you’ll be killed by your kidneys before your heart does. I was lost. I felt like I had played a part in murdering you. But Dr Ly later said that, you need those medication otherwise you would suffer from ascites given your heart condition. Ascites, the condition where you had ‘water sacs’ at your abdomen which made you heavy, causing you to have bloated feet. You can’t exactly go without the medication but it kills your kidney. I’m sorry Boy. I felt horrible then.

As Dr Ly examined you, you made an effort using your head to push his hands not once but twice. I cannot forget that scene. Dr Ly told us, you were telling him to save you. You were feeling nausea as you had urine taste in your mouth. All in all, you were feeling extremely sick. He immediately ordered for a blood test. We saw how badly you shook. The day before you were still struggling to stand up and that night, you hardly were able to. You were trembling in fear. While waiting for the results, Dr Ly told us that you were telling him, you needed our permission. You are dying. He repeated this 3 times. But you can’t bear to leave us yet because you knew we loved you so much. That very moment, my heart literally sank.

I looked at you, I wanted to put you to sleep but I don’t have the courage to say it. Coincidentally, Dr Ly told us that ARVC doesn’t conduct that process. I heaved a sigh of relieve. But that also means, you had to suffer a little more. I was arranged a communication session for me to communicate with you. Dr Ly wanted me to start that very night as you were really at the final stages. Many times I had to swallow saliva really hard. If you know what I mean, that’s totally different from your swallowing of saliva. For you, it means you want to eat whatever you are looking at. Not for me. It was swallowing down the tears that somehow keep creeping up.

You were given a couple of injections and a doomper and then a drip. Dr Ly gave you a good pat before you had your drip. Perhaps you were really telling him how much you loved us that he didn’t even wanted to charge us consultation fees. He even told the staff to ensure that no administration fees will be charge for the drips after that night as you had to go down every day for half a packet of it and he called you a sweet boy.

We took you home that night, with a heavy heart. I put you on the cushion and you hardly moved. You were on fours but somehow, perhaps it was too warmed, you struggled to be on the floor. That night, ‘papa’ had to go work.  I wrapped you up in a towel and lay you on the cushion. You were trembling so badly it really pains me to see you in this shape. I had a feeling that you probably won’t make it past the night.

I sat by you and talked to you. Trying very hard not to shed a tear in case you missed out what I was trying to say. You heard me? I really meant those words. I also posted these messages on facebook because I could express it better there. I gave you full permission to go. Go, leave, run carefree at over at the rainbow bridge. Don’t worry about us. We will never ever blame you for leaving us. I have you a kiss as I probably cried myself to sleep later.

You whined in the middle of the night. I jumped up and realised that you had poo-ed on the towel and miraculously, you were struggling out of the towel to rest elsewhere. I re-settled you down and went back to bed, hardly being able to fall asleep once more. I could hear your nails ticking away against the cold hard floor because you were trembling so badly. I woke up not long after as I had to go work.

I really could not bear to leave you home alone as ‘papa’ was still at work and I had an event at work that day, 4 December 2012. I quickly tried my best to clean you up, fed you some water using the syringe. As I looked at you drink, Boy, my heart sank deeper. I lifted you up to lay on the other side as you had been lying on the same side for too long. I hope I didn’t hurt you in the process. Just before I left for work, I told you to wait for ‘papa’ to come home and told Fluffy to look after you. She was probably scared stiff.

I don’t really know what happened after that. ‘Papa’ called when he got home and told me you were still the same, trembling badly. He went to bed after a tough night of work at about 9.40am, after talking to you. He told me that he had asked you to go sleep. He even asked Fluffy to come over to look at you. He said that you whine a little. Your heartbeat was inconsistently fast. And that was all.

‘Papa’ abruptly woke up at about 11.35am and found you motionless. You stopped trembling. He reached to feel you. Your heart stopped beating. He called me at 11.40am. I saw the phone rang. I knew something was wrong. I was so afraid to pick up that call. Do you know, just about 30 minutes odd or so before the call, you were suddenly running around in my mind? I also had smell of you on my fingers. Did you visit me in the meeting? I was stunned. I picked up the phone, and ‘papa’ broke the news that you had left us. Strangely, I wasn’t really sad as I was kind of expecting it. But, reality slowly sets in, I was lost once again. I didn’t know what to do. What number to call? What to do next?

I called up ARVC to ask about the appointment on the communication session and later inform them that they could cancel it as you had just passed on. I asked them for contacts on what should I do. I requested for the day off. Thankfully, my supervisor let me go instantly. Tears were uncontrollable when I told her you had left. I text your Godma immediately when I got into the car. The whole journey home, I just can’t control the tears. Boy Boy, you really left? I remembered asking ‘papa’ a couple of times if your heart really stopped beating.

When I got home, I went to see you. You were indeed motionless and you were turning hard. Please remember those words I told you. You had been a good boy. You had listened to us. We gave you permission to go and you only had to wait for ‘papa’ to come home. You gave us unconditional love. I kissed you one last time. Bid you goodbye on behalf of Godma. I couldn’t help but kept touching you. I was confused by the selection of cremation services too and I secretly didn’t want to let them bring you away. But I know, it’s impossible.

Initially I wanted a common cremation, thinking that you won’t be lonely. But Godma said it’s better for individual cremation. Thank goodness for her, her willingness to play a part in your life the one last time, we selected Tengoku. Also, we didn’t want to bring back your ashes worrying that I may once more feel hurt each time I looked at it. Godma was still thinking logically that she reminded us if we decided not to want to keep later, we can always scatter them rather than now, and regret later.

The Tengoku staff came back at about near 2pm. We witness him taking you away in the little black box. I was probably too dumbfounded. I signed the papers and let him did the necessary. ‘Papa’ very quickly cleared away the towel and cushion. Washed up your food bowl and kept it. The drinking bowl had been passed to Gigi. I think he didn’t want me to feel anymore sadder. Your cremation service has been scheduled to be at 3.30pm.

We went over to see you for the last time. After pushing you out from the cold room, I couldn’t bear to look at you anymore. ‘Papa’ mentioned that your eyes had blood vessels. I noticed your tooth had blood too. It was unsightly. Not to mention, you had poo-ed before you left and we didn’t realised it at all. Sorry Boy Boy, we had failed to clean you up once last time.

The Tengoku people were very nice and patient. They told us to inform them when we are ready for the process. We didn’t wait any further. Not because we don’t love you Boy. But we don’t want that memory of you in that manner. The place you on the furnace area and gave us a moment to look at you once more. Again, we didn’t really want to. I guessed they were shocked by our fast response in giving the green light to go ahead. Boy Boy, I know you wouldn’t mind that right? I had taken pictures of you when I got home already. The guy quickly pushed you into the furnace and we were brought to their small little office.

‘Papa’ and I discussed a little and then I decided. I wanted to bring you home with us. I chose the white little urn instead of the standard Chinese looking one despite the extra cost. I wanted to give you a nice forever home. Besides, it’s just plain white in colour; it would be easier for me to place you when our future home is ready. You are coming with us to our new place 3 years later! Are you excited? I don’t care; I am bringing you with me. At least, this is my decision for now. I don’t see any reason why I should not.

We went down to ARVC while you were being cremated. We waited for Dr Ly as the nurses told us that we could bring down the medications and maybe they could be refunded since you didn’t get to use. After a long wait, we finally met him. He had heard of your passing and he asked if you had left peacefully. To me, you had. As you left without any sound of pain. Dr Ly said it was good for you. You need not suffer anymore. He asked if I had communicated with you. I told him I did. All he said was good. I thank him sincerely on your behalf too. I think I said thank you more than twice. If it wasn’t for him, we probably had to put you through longer suffering.
I hope the session at ARVC wasn’t too stressful for you Boy Boy. Dr Ly had mentioned that he will make you feel better. I really hope you did. We went back to Tengoku to bring you home. And now, you are home with us, high up on the shelf, with a picture of Mona Lisa by your side. It was a long day. I believed you gave your blessings to ‘papa’ that he managed to get a day’s off from work so that he could catch some sleep for the night. He had been awake since you left and had only rested for 2 hours.
As I come to the end of this long message for you, I hope you love your new forever home. Again, be free and run at the rainbow bridge. Have fun and make lots of friends. Thank you Boy, thank you for your unconditional love that you had given. Thank you for those happy moments that we had shared. We truly love you and you will always have a spot in our hearts.
It hurts me still as i read through the entire 'letter'. Occasionally, tears would well up...
Till we meet again my dear Old Boy.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Zero Impression

As I promised that I would go back and find pictures, it seems like I really totally do no have any pictures at all to share on birthday celebration with baby.

i tracked back timeline on facebook, only to find myself checking in 2nd mini steamboat with the 4-some gang i.e. Kenny, Mojo and Potty to be exact.

Perhaps, we really didn't celebrate? I totally have no impression.




I only know, my actual day was a Sunday. and i had dinner with them.

prior to that, it was Saturday, I had dinner with the girls and then the meal with the party people.

That's all. Gosh.

am so sorry. :( Sorry to my baby too.

i want to upload pictures of my own to show but my host photobucket seems to have some connectivity issue. Hence, I have to go with what I found on google.

Disclaimer: pictures of items do not belong to me! all taken from google.

1) Gift from the ladies with some Cash surprise in it.

2) Tiffany and Co necklace and Pendant.. from the party people.

Details here

3) Prada wallet from my baby. <3 p="">

That's all i got! and his present, was a LV wallet...

Well, with that, it marks the closure of November.
Next post, shall be a sad one... a one on my beloved Boy....
I miss this boy lots...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Failing Memory

Missing for almost a month!?

Honestly, as per last post, i did mention that I'm going back to check on the pictures of my birthday.

goodness, I don't have any pictures at all!?! I only remembered, my birthday was the weekend. So i had lots of meal gatherings.. in fact not lots. just a few.

had dinner with the inseperable ladies from pri school days @ Uncle Leong (punggol)
had steamboat dinner with the 4-some from sec school days @ 2nd mini steamboat (thomson)
had dinner with the party people at Ichiban Boshi/Sushi @ Novena.

And. I can't remember if baby and I celebrated in any what sense.
i browsed through my phone, my lappy... and I just can't find any pictures!!!
What happened?

my memory failed.

anyway, he was with me for all 3 dinners. SO i guessed, that makes it like having celebrating with me all along? I'm still gonna try to find traces of my birthday. LEt me try...

and i must really stop procastinating on looking through older posts in facebook (it's kinda troublesome).

hopefully i can find something to upload in here... apart from photos of my presents received.
which includes..

1. a prada pink wallet from baby
2. a burberry key pouch from the ladies
3. a tiffany and co. necklace with pendant from the party people

i think nothing else already... haha.

once this chapter closes, i can do an update on the next, before the closure of 2012.

I seriously hope i can finish updating 2012 before end of 2013!!

i still wanna update on 2013 man... it's already Aug!

i will be back!!! promise...